Technical Education and Business

The well-being of a nation, its standard of living, and its potential for economic and industrial development depend on a large pool of expertly trained middle-level technicians,craftsmen, and other specialists(Edwin Hamilton, 1987). In view of the above, ADRRI is bringing to fore through research the hidden potential of the youth for Africa development. Investment into technical education could reduce the level of unemployment in Africa and this is one of the major concern of ADRRI.

Business strategies have changed considerably, the design and implementation of business decisions that could change the fortunes of many small, medium and large businesses are lacking. When good decisions are implemented, it could propel growth and subsequently reduce poverty. However, research in the area of business in Africa has not been given a significant boost and ADRRI is working in this direction to change the paradigm of business modules for Africa success.The objectives include:

  1. Research into new trends in technical education.
  2. Provide workshops and conferences forum for policymakers and researchers to communicate their findings.
  3. Work with governments to provide solutions to business and technical education.