Environment, Natural Resources and Water

The current generation increasingly interact with the environment by way of harvest and extract of all kind of resources in order to sustain life and existence for growth and development. Sustainable use of the environment may not be a problem for now, but unsustainable use may have costs on future generations. Therefore, ADRRI provides research platform in this direction for advancement in knowledge and new ways of resource use for enhance sustainability. The objective of this section are delineated as follows:

  1. To research into new and affordable technologies to enhance environmental amenity use in a sustainable manner.Liaise with donors and international organisations to conduct research and promote the idea of a green revolution.
  2. Seek funding to undertake afforestation programmes.
  3. Provide capacity building workshop for environment and natural resources management.
  4. To develop the framework for environmental and natural resources use in Africa.
  5. A continues research into climate change impacts on Africa.
  6. Seek funding to undertake collaborative implementation of United Nation’s Agency on Climate Change Policies on Africa.
  7. Seek funding from Private and public international and internal donors interested in reducing climate change impacts on Africa to undertake research activities.

In the area of water,statistics has it that, nearly 1 billion people suffer without access to safe water. This has increasingly caused 1 out of every 5 deaths under the age of 5 world wide from water related diseases.This institute through its researchers are searching for answers in water related issues in Africa to reduce this water related problems. The broad objectives are:

  1. Seek funding to undertake education to reduce water related diseases.
  2. Liaise with donors and international organisations to conduct research in the area of quality water provision.
  3. Liaise with donors and international organisations to provide bore-hole drinking water in the hinterlands in Africa.